Summertime Give-a-Way!

Pub Card Give a way

This give-a-way is for a limited time and will start August 1st and end on August 8th.

In May, we like many others, were heartbroken to hear that the decision had been made to cancel the August 2020 Dublin Irish Festival. A local Ohio festival that traditionally draws more than 100,000 visitors from throughout the world. So in keeping with the spirit of resilience, here’s another summertime give-a-way because IRISH SPIRITS CAN’T BE BROKEN! Be sure to submit the form below by commenting with what you love most about the Dublin Irish Festival for your chance to win a local $25 Pub Gift Card. Time is limited, check your inbox on Sunday August 9th to see if you’re a winner!

Festival photos are welcomed to be uploaded, but are NOT REQUIRED to enter.