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Can Your Business Afford to Lose $3,000 a Day?

The recent storms that swept across the country shut many businesses down for days on end. Downtime like that can cost your business big bucks: The Symantec 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey revealed that disasters cost inoperable small businesses an average of $3,000 a day. Most people would never consider opening a business without coverage for things like fires and weather events. But many small... Read Article

Motorcycle Survey Reveals Riders’ Top 5 Pet Peeves

Click on the picture above to see the full motorcycle survey infographic. For many motorcycle riders, nothing beats the thrill of maneuvering a powerful steel and chrome machine—hand on the throttle, wind in the face and curves of the pavement ahead. But motorcycling has some downsides, according to a national survey commissioned by Erie Insurance and conducted by Harris Poll. The online survey, conducted in... Read Article

Five Disaster Apps Worth Checking Out

Today, we use our phones to do everything from texting to snapping photos to watching movies. Now, you can add “weather a disaster” to that list. New disaster apps can alert you about pending disasters, teach you how to correctly administer first aid and much more. Not sure what’s out there? Then check out a few of the top disaster apps below. 1. The FEMA... Read Article

Join ERIE at Roar on the Shore

If you’re a motorcycle rider, there’s a good chance you’re stoked to attend at least one bike rally this summer. One of the most popular ones around is Roar on the Shore, a bike fest in Erie Insurance’s hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, from July 15-19. More than 100,000 riders will come to Erie to enjoy live music (including headliners L.A. Guns, Jackyl, April Wine and... Read Article

Coming Soon: Emoji Passwords?

Ever get a text message punctuated with a smiley face with heart-shaped eyes or a fist bump and wonder what happened to the good ol’ fashioned sideways grin? Welcome to the new age of emoji, the official term for those cartoonish icons used to convey emotions, objects or events in messaging apps and social media. (There are 722 emoji in all, for those of you... Read Article