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Do Holiday Lights Spark Your Happiness?

Holiday lights are among one of the most obvious and joyful reminders that Christmas is right around the corner, and we absolutely adore them. No matter where you go, the darkness is lit up with hundreds of thousands of the most colorful strings of lights and decorations imaginable creating the most amazing expressions of joy on the faces of all. Push the pause button this...

How to Prevent Flooding in your Basement

The article below gives some good tips on ways to help prevent flooding in your basement:

Drip Detective

Spring is here which means the rainy season is upon us and sometimes drips become a problem in homes.  Read the tips on how to detect a problem drip below:

15 Vital Insurance Questions Answered

There are a lot of people with questions on why it is good to have insurance.  The article below answers 15 common questions that people have about insurance:

Win a FREE 32 Inch HDTV!

Wondering how you can win the 32inch FREE HDTV? All you have to do is refer family, friends and neighbors to one of the three Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc. locations for a quote and we will submit YOUR name in a drawing to win the television!! The three locations are listed below: 1) Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc. Phone #: 614-875-1770 2204 Stringtown Road Grove City,...